Adulting is Hard: Finding Harmony On and Off the Mat with Julz Kerr

Let’s face it, Adulting is hard! Whether you are looking for better ways to juggle your time and relationship commitments; or you’re presently on the path to find your true calling, this workshop is designed to help you find the answers. Join Julz on a transformative journey into finding your individual Om. Through chanting, yoga, and journaling we will identify purposeless habits and routines and learn how to integrate practices to help you create intentional living. This workshop will begin with a grounding invocation chant and will move into a fluid yoga practice ending with guided meditations, an opportunity to reflect and journal on your insights, and a group coaching session to help you create a designed action plan. Even if you aren’t sure what shifts you would like to see in your life, come experience this workshop to gain a deeper awareness of what you would like to change or call into your life.

Julz Kerr is a yoga teacher and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in Los Angeles who is passionate about helping people build a balanced and intentional life. Julz creatively integrates in her vinyasa flows mindfulness, energetic cueing, and intentional sequencing to invoke awareness and compassion for yourself. Her intention as a teacher is to help students leave class with a clearer mind, confidence, and a sense of community.