Connect to a Guide: Journeying Meditation with Pardis Partow

During today’s climate of wondering what is going on in the world around us, coupled with the stress from everyday life, what better way to get answers for yourself than by going within? Through the use of guided imagery and healing vibrations, Medium Psychic Healer, Pardis Partow, will lead you into a relaxed state, setting the stage for you to connect with a spirit guide. Allow your senses to be enlivened through inner sight, inner hearing, bodily sensations, and or conscious knowing.

Experience the opportunity to not only connect deeply within, and receive energetic healing but also gain insight into various aspects of your life such as:
– life purpose
– love


This breed of journeying meditation opens you to the possibility of:
– Increasing your intuition
– Receiving messages and answers to questions
– Sensing, feeling, seeing or just knowing your guide is with you
– Learning the name of a guide
– Perceiving that you are not alone
– Knowing how the guide will make his or her presence known
– Experiencing divine love, support, and nurturance
– Achieving inner peace and happiness
– Increasing potential creativity
– Receiving healing