Healing Circle with intuitive channel Carrie Keller  

This healing circle will include meditation, breath work, aromatherapy and sound therapy as Carrie channels the archangels and ascended masters to invite their high vibrational energy and guidance into the circle for healing. The intention of the circle is to work with the archangels of love and protection to assist you in clearing out what needs to be cleared to invite more self-love, deep loving partnerships and every day love and abundance in your life.

Please bring water, yoga mat and journal.

Carrie Keller is an intuitive channel, healer, and formulator/owner of Life Aromatherapy; a line of high vibrational essential oil based treatment products, fragrances, jewelry and inspirational items based in Los Angeles, California. She dedicates her life to helping people on their journey through her channeled readings, healing sessions, teachings and product line.