HOLY SHIFT / Yoga + Dance + Ceremony with Vance Vlasek & Nina Grae

Craving a sacred shift? Join us as we gather community, shift perspective, and elevate the vibration of Light on Lotus’ new home!

The evening begins with a mindful meditation, ceremony (cannabis optional!), and yoga flow guided by Vance Vlasek (yoga director of Lit Yoga and senior teacher at LOL). Together, we’ll investigate the shift that happens through meditation, movement and plant medicine and learn to use Nature’s sacred gifts to amplify our practice and delve deeper into self-understanding/love. We’ll cap off the night with celebration through music and ecstatic dance as we surrender to the soulful sounds spun by singer-songwriter, recording artist, DJ (and local legend!) Nina Grae.

Nina Grae (ninagrae.com) is fiercely committed to spreading music with conscious, love-centric messages. “Uplift, Unite & Inspire” is her creative mantra and a vision of a world unified through compassion and empowerment serves as her compass. She has opened up events for Marianne Williamson, Jane Goodall, the Agape Spiritual Community, ‘We Are Creators”, and continues her walk as an Ambassador of Love in Los Angeles where she currently resides. Tap into SoulJam, her curated monthly event (in our very own Mar Vista!) where writers, musicians, poets, freestyle MC’s, and emerging creative artists collaborative, spark one, share their gifts and JAM on the 1st Monday of every month. SoulJam: wedeepen.com/souljam