Observing Bodies In Asana & Developing the Teacher’s Eye with Mary Dana Abbott

In order to have sound and safe hands-on and cueing skills, we as teachers must work on developing a keen and observant eye. With thankfully evolving expectations in the yoga world and the evolution of our understanding of the human body, it is more important than ever to be a smart, safe and informed teacher.

In this weekend-long workshop, we will spend the first-day observing bodies in simple asanas through the lens of Katonah Yoga® to create a solid framework and foundation. We will learn and utilize visual, verbal and hands-on techniques to assist and guide students effectively, safely and efficiently from joint-space.

During the second day, we will un-pack in more detail what moving from joint-space really means and explore how to cue and assist someone to find their center in any asana giving them the skills to find the optimal asana on their own.

Our work will be observational and experiential and will foster a deeper understanding of how to cue and guide classes that have a variety of bodies, abilities, and needs.

*Must sign up for both days.