Psychic Self Defense 101 with the Oracle of LA – Amanda Yates Garcia

In order to do good work in the world, we need to feel grounded and strong. If you’re feeling stressed, upset, confused, angry or frustrated, you’re likely to experience similar energies directed back at you. Practicing Psychic Self Defense can help you feel calmer, happier and more focused, thus encouraging us to create a more just world for all beings.

In this Psychic Self Defense 101 workshop you will:

  • identify techniques to restore your energy after trying times, and to prevent yourself from getting depleted in the first place
  • practice strategies for standing in your power, and connecting to your source of creativity
  • practice using your intuition and other intuitive gifts
  • identify types of energy present in a room or other space
  • define techniques to clear your energy field
  • identify three ways to clear your home of “bad vibes”
  • practice psychic self defense moves you can use when dealing with someone who’s coming at you with stress
  • identify ways to create sanctuary and sacred space, wherever you are

This workshop is all about clearing space, getting grounded and helping you feel confident and peaceful so that you can get on with the work you are here to do in this lifetime.


Amanda Yates Garcia is a writer, artist, professional witch, and the Oracle of Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in The Millions, The LA Times, Time Out, LA Weekly, GOOP, Glamour, The London Times, CNN, Salon, as well as a viral appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. She has led classes and workshops on magic and witchcraft at UCLA, UC Irvine, MOCA Los Angeles, The Hammer Museum, LACMA, The Getty and many other venues. Co-host of the popular Strange Magic podcast, her first book, Initiated, comes out in October 2019 via Grand Central/Hachette.