Virtual Restorative + Reiki Workshop: Soothe the Body, Calm the Mind with Nicolette Ficchi

Join yoga instructor and reiki practitioner, Nicolette Ficchi, for a nourishing afternoon of healing and renewing. Blending restorative yoga, reiki, meditation and journaling we will work to bring the body back into alignment with ease, allowing the nervous system to rest and the mind to calm. Restorative yoga is designed to elicit relaxation in the body through comfortable postures held for a period of time, and Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that promotes balance within the body. Nicolette creates a safe and grounding experience where students can melt into these restorative postures and receive the healing powers of reiki, so that they can connect with themselves on a deeper level and feel a greater sense of peace and harmony.

After a guided meditation that teaches you how to tap into your own reiki, Nicolette will be leading a restorative yoga experience to help open the chakras and release tension. During this time, each person will have the chance to virtually receive reiki healing. There will be the option to incorporate essential oils, journaling, and to ask any questions that may arise. Students can expect to leave feeling supported, balanced, fulfilled and very rested!

***Props to have on hand: yoga mat, blocks (hardbound books), yoga strap (long scarf or tie), bolster (couch cushion or pillows). Please also feel free to have your favorite essential oils on hand, as well as pen and paper.