Soundscape Healing Project

Join The Soundscape Healing Project: Justin Randolph, Angela Rauscher, and Victoria Greene for a deep sensory healing sound bath, meditation, and Reiki experience. A Sound Bath can bring you effortlessly and immediately into a very deep state of relaxation, into the “zone” where self healing takes place. With the addition of Reiki Master Justin, you will be suspended in a state between sleep & waking and experience resounding peacefulness.

This workshop will offer a light preparatory asana to prepare the body to rest in a supported Savasana. Victoria will lead you through a guided meditation to a soundscape created by Angela using chakra singing bowls and Justin will offer Reiki healing. We are committed to sharing this event with you after witnessing the deeply healing experience of sound bath practices combined with Reiki and Meditation.



Group Bio Info:

The Soundscape Healing Project is the collaboration of three skilled and caring teachers and healers who are motivated by and how we work. Each of us has been changed for the better by bringing yoga, meditation and energy healing into our lives. Between us we offer over two decades of hands-on experience, thousands of hours teaching and communicating the healing arts. We express our devotion to our unique offerings through teacher trainings, workshops and carefully curated retreats across the United States and Globally. When we come together to offer our signature blend of guided meditation, sound healing and reiki, we feel like we are home in body, mind and spirit. Our collective goal is for you to feel that way too.