The Art of Lila: Benefit Class for CoachArt with Laura McKellin + Nicolette Ficchi

To be of service to others without expectation is found deep within the heart of yoga. Selfless action fosters connection, community, and joy for all involved. Join our 300-hour advanced graduates for a Lotus Style vinyasa flow class to benefit CoachArt. Inspired by Lila, divine play, this class will be filled with fun transitions, dynamic sequencing, and live music. CoachArt is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides free, high-quality arts and athletic activities to children and their families impacted by childhood chronic illness. CoachArt’s founders recognized the need for long-term support and enrichment amongst the pediatric patient population and their families. Starting their services at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, the organization now provides activities to 1,000 children and their siblings with programs also currently offered in San Diego and San Francisco Bay areas.

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Nicolette Ficchi: Nicolette is a yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. She helps students to connect with themselves on a deeper level through movement and meditative practices to achieve balance and harmony. Her offering is unique, blending alignment-focused cues with creative flows, infusing reiki into each experience, and placing an emphasis on going inward to access your truest self. Through her yoga classes and workshops, Nicolette offers a safe environment that allows students to release what is no longer serving them so that they leave feeling a greater sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Laura McKellin: Laura M.A., E-RYT, is an LA-based yoga teacher and somatic psychology counselor who believes in each person’s inherent capacity to heal and move towards wholeness. Her teachings are grounded in the concept of post-traumatic growth and she understands that our most painful experiences can be our greatest teacher. Laura illuminates the spiritual path as one that is not separate from the lives we live but an embodied experience that is surprisingly human. Her classes are intelligently sequenced and infused with humor and wisdom. Laura is passionate about sharing somatic tools designed to reorganize the nervous system by resolving past wounds and traumas.