Yoga in Fullest Form with Eben

I am not unaware of the strangeness of yoga. It becomes especially strange when it is taken seriously because it is at that moment of commitment that we acknowledge certain repressed truths that have less to do with us and more to do with life itself. We become profound because life is profound and that is eerie. That shifting of concern from me to world, from micro to macro, from ordinary to extraordinary is a huge transition within the mind.

Yoga in Fullest Form is an opportunity to move into the full embodiment of the practice by layering posturaland meditative techniques upon each other to empower a full vision of the potential inside ordinary moments. Your practice is a technology of transformation! Let me share with you some very practical ideas that will boost your understandings of what and why yoga is what it is by dissecting the intricacies of what you are and are not doing within your yoga practice.


Part 1: Postures: The Open Body – Strength Over Flexibility | Saturday. February 2nd 1pm – 4pm

The deeper philosophy within Asana is a conversation between the yogi and structure itself. Moving to the formless necessitates a familiarity with form, hence the brilliant learnings of yogic postures. This workshop will focus on backbends and hip openers. When you think of your postures you think of openness and flexibility (formlessness) but these postures are actually a game of contraction and strength (form)! Learn to apply power to the work of opening your muscles and those muscles will be forced, because they must be forced, to open. Through it all we will entertain a great question, “What is the nature and consequence of structure itself?”


Part 2: Breathwork: The Successful Breath – Biology Over Energy | Sunday. February 3rd 1pm – 4pm

When you hear a yogi preach of breath as peace, preach of energy, preach of chakras, or preach of myth they mean to preach the nervous system! If there is no breath there is paralysis, which is fear. This workshop will 1) detail how to expand lung capacity by strengthening the diaphragm and 2) detail, through breath techniques, the relationship between weak breaths and the fear of life itself. To breathe is to affirm that you exist. To breathe deeply is to commit to that existence. A stunted breath is a statement of insecurity which is systemic of fear.


Part 3: Meditation: The Still Mind – Discipline Over Serenity | Saturday. February 9th 1pm – 4pm

When you seriously decide to meditate what you are actually seeking is a power to effectively discipline yourself against the impulsive tendencies of a mind that sometimes works against you. This workshop will elaborate the mechanics of thought to help you understand what is and is not possible in regards to “mind control”. Knowing your limitations will always facilitate success in this and any endeavor. We’ll practice firegazing and chanting as the means to establish this mental control.


Part 4: Enlightenment: The One and Only – Separation Over Connection | Sunday. February 10th 1pm-4pm

The path of life is in so many ways walked alone. When the aspiring yogi is serious enough about life to question their relationship to the world they read of a mystical oneness but enlightenment is in truth a stepping away. The point is to know yourself by knowing what you are not. This final workshop will provide an opportunity to consider that. With your open spine and hips, with your deep breaths and confidence, and control over impulses you’ll find there is actually a pearl of real magic to be reclaimed in the heart of your practice.