Kate Willson

Kate started practicing yoga more than a decade ago as a public service to those around her. What she discovered was so much more.

Years of dance and athletics, followed by time spent in demanding corporate environments had created extreme imbalance in the body. Yoga provided an opportunity to explore a marriage of the yin and the yang; a sustainable approach physically and mentally, to a vibrant, mindful, and active life.

Eventually, Kate combined her passion for marketing and business with her desire to share the life-changing gifts of yoga with others. She became the director of Exhale Venice, part of a national boutique fitness brand that operated a Venice Beach yoga mecca for over a decade. She serves on the board of directors for the Venice Chamber of Commerce, has a corporate wellness consulting business, and teaches public classes, privates, and special events around Los Angeles. Kate has completed over 500 hours of yoga teacher training in vinyasa flow and restorative yoga and is grateful to her teachers, especially Annie Carpenter, Shiva Rea, Aaron Reed, Kate Duyn Cariati and Mary Dana Abbott. She lives in Venice with her boyfriend and two dogs and is thrilled to be part of the Light On Lotus community spreading the Lotus Love here in LA!

Deity: Saraswati & Kali

Musical Jam: Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah and anything by Bruce Springsteen