Elyce Talavera

Elyce Talavera, CMT, RYT is a Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and forever student of life. After graduating with a degree in Psychology from UCLA, Elyce worked in the nonprofit sector for 4 years before a silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree allowed her time for deep contemplation about how to best impact the lives of others. So began her journey in the healing arts.

Elyce fuses the broad strokes from Swedish massage with the pressure and precision of Deep Tissue, while stimulating specific points along the energy meridians of the body as studied in Shiatsu. Additionally, her practice with Reiki energy work and Reiki Crystal healings provides a an even deeper layer of healing, working with the more subtle mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of each human being. Presently, she is pursuing her certification in Medical Massage from the Science of Massage Institute. She has also begun an apprenticeship studying Western herbalism, Shamanic plant spirit medicine, and Spiritual Ecology: soon to be incorporated to all healings once the course of study is completed.

Elyce spent most of 2016 both volunteering and working throughout Central and South America to help promote and spread the healing benefits of massage and yoga. She also presently volunteers with Heart Touch, a community of various care providers who seek to provide healing touch to hospice patients and pediatric hospice, as well as those in Oncology or in Pain and Palliative treatment.

Elyce loves her work and you can FEEL it. She looks forward to being of service.


$80 Reiki – 60 mins
$95 Massage – 60 mins
$135 Massage – 90 mins
$165 Reiki Massage Combination – 90 mins
$100 Medical Massage – 60 mins; requires an initial consult with clinical intake. Prescribed weekly follow up sessions thereafter are $50 for 30 minutes

Please email Elyce to schedule a treatment