In 2002 Claudia began teaching yoga in New York City, and since then her passion for yoga, travel, and adventure has inspired her to live and teach all over the world. After living abroad for 15 years and teaching over 8,000 yoga classes in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia, Claudia has returned to the U.S. and is happy to call Los Angeles home.

When she found yoga and meditation, Claudia felt a peace that she never knew before. In her yoga classes, she desires to create a space where every person discovers a deeper connection, ignites their inner creativity and awakens to their heart’s wisdom. She ‘s on a mission to inspire her students to connect to their spirit and intuition and live life from a place of awareness, self-acceptance, and gratitude.

Claudia’s other passions include music, art, community, leading retreats, fundraising, life coaching, big salads, lip gloss, and being a mama to her wild child, Bodhi. She is deeply grateful to all of her teachers and mentors over the years and is thrilled to be a part of the Light On Lotus family.

My Deity: Ganesha
Song: Love Is All You Need by The Beatles + Stay Human by Michael Franti