Daphne Driscoll

Daphne’s career as a professional dancer has led her to discover her love for yoga and healing through movement.

She was first introduced to the practice 11 years ago while taking a “Yoga For Dancer’s” class in college. She found that the benefits of the practice left her feeling more confident, empowered, and gave her an overall sense of clarity.

Daphne holds a 200hr YTT certification from Red Diamond Yoga, 25hr Advanced Krama Sequencing from Light on Lotus, 15hr Pre & Post Natal Advanced Training from Light on Lotus, and a 10hr Mini Yogi certification from Shana Meyerson. Her teaching style combines her light sense of humor, fluid movement, connection to the breath, with an emphasis on alignment and playfulness. She teaches you how to release your fears and step into uncharted waters with confidence.

Daphne is so excited to be a part of the Light on Lotus family. She has learned so much from this beautiful place and is deeply grateful for it.

Deity: Lakshmi
Favorite song in the whole wide world: Mazzy Star “Fade Into You”