Tiffany Leonardo

CommUnity is in Tiffany’s blood! From NYC to LA, there is a trail of inspired, empowered and energized individuals she has touched. 

Tiffany loves to bring people together to form new tribes.  Being held in community was the catalyst to her yoga journey and is also what inspired her to teach yoga! 

When she’s not bending it “like Beckham” on the mat, she trades in her tights for scrubs.  She works in the Medical Device industry, where she educates surgeons and their teams on the technical operation of a surgical robot.  Within her 12 years in healthcare, she’s developed training programs that ultimately sparked her passion for teaching and training. Tiffany feels that to blossom as a teacher, it’s important to be a devoted student of life.  For this reason, she has completed 27 hrs of Katonah Yoga with Mary Dana Abbott, 17 hours of Art of Assisting from Baron Baptiste Yoga, 12 hours of training with Mark Stephens, and 35 hours of Anatomy & Asana immersion with Emilie Perz.  She’s also completed an 8-month apprenticeship in Acupressure and Yoga integration programs with Hydra Yoga.

Regardless of the environment, Tiffany is out to help others explore and discover their fullest selves through a better relationship with their mind and bodies.

Deity: Athena
Favorite Song: Snoh Aalegra “Find Someone Like You”