0Yoga is everything. It’s a conglomeration of mind, body, spirit, and environment. I value the practice, highly, and love sharing it.

I completed my 200hr teacher training at 305 Yoga in Miami in 2014. Joy is key to my teaching style. I try to infuse it into class whilst presenting an impactful, safe practice permeated with intelligent alignment, marked mindfulness, and engaging sequencing. Dharma is interwoven throughout the class and reflected in the sequencing. Students can expect to hear an eclectic array of musical styles which support their journey through class.
When not teaching yoga, I’m a full time entrepreneur providing performing arts services (…actor, singer, dancer). I’ve performed in feature films, plays, musicals, commercials, dance tours, and am grateful to no longer be dancing on the sidewalk, costumed as abodybuilding dog. I believe yoga and the performing arts are innately connected. Both help us to understand ourselves more authentically, through our humanness: movement (asana/dance), vocalization (mantra/singing), and empathy (mindfulness/character study). Yoga journeys through the self, to the self. The performing arts travel through others, to the self (…which is one with others). Both disciplines lead us to a fuller, more connected human experience. Both heal.
It has been a long strange trip for me so far, I hope you’ll join me somewhere along the way.

My Deity: Hanuman