yoga teachers

Yogini, teacher, trainee and mentor, Kate Duyn Cariati has dedicated over 15 years to her practice and profession.

0Yoga is everything. It’s a conglomeration of mind, body, spirit, and environment. I value the practice, highly, and love sharing it.

After years of practicing, Justin wanted to give back and share the healing experience of yoga.

Born of Indian and Trinidad descent, Samantha was raised in London, and is a third generation yogi.

Yancy took his first yoga class in the Dominican Republic while on a skate tour. He initially loved yoga because it improved his skating.

After teaching for 7 years in New York City and Boston, Jess is thrilled to be teaching in the LA area. Jess’ motivation to teach yoga comes from her personal journey on the mat. A place that is physically challenging, mentally clearing, and filled with humor. Jess is passionate about helping people find self confidence

I am a seeker of the unseen, the magical, and the healing. As a life-long dancer, I found yoga while studying psychology at the University of Colorado and completed my 200-hour teaching certification in vinyasa yoga. Inspired by the parallels between my practice and my studies, I discovered body psychotherapy and dance/movement therapy and received

Daphne’s career as a professional dancer has led her to discover her love for yoga and healing through movement. She was first introduced to the practice 11 years ago while taking a “Yoga For Dancer’s” class in college. She found that the benefits of the practice left her feeling more confident, empowered, and gave her

Gavi dedicates herself to practicing and sharing Yoga, on and off the mat.

Emilie Perz is an international yoga educator and movement therapistbased in Los Angeles. Her vast knowledge of yoga and anatomy, infectiouspositivity and her creative and fun sequences have gained her adedicated following making her classes highly sought-after and earningher a nod as one of LA’s Top Yoga Instructors. An advanced practitioner herself, Emilie was initially

Raphaella Rose Chiaramonte is a licensed acupuncturist and certified yoga instructor.  Raphie received her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA.  Upon completing her national and regional acupuncture certifications, Raphie was asked to assist the school’s founder in his personal practice, which she continues to do.  Raphie also treats private

I have forever enjoyed working with children, their energy, enthusiasm and pure love is a gift. Certified through YogaBuddies and YogaWorks, I am so grateful to be able to inspire through the practice of yoga.